Capacity Code HGL1926
Specification Battery Watering Cart Hydro Fill HyfroFill 40 litres.

Battery Watering Cart HydroFill

“No matter where your battery is you can fill it!”
Our carts supply water where you want it, when you want it! Most industrial batteries need regular watering but it is often
difficult to bring the battery to an adequate water supply for refilling. Batteries and trucks can often be located in separate areas on site and this often leads to wasted time and improper watering. With the HydroFill water can be transported to the battery wherever required. The HydroFill is a battery powered cart that is used with our WateringGuns to top up batteries. The
operation is simple, you just top up the cart with a deioniser unit, bottled water, or water from your tap (if suitable for topping up batteries)Switch on, squeeze the gun trigger and you’re ready to go.
The new lightweight design is the evolution of a proven product that has been in production for over 15 years. The HydroFill does not need to be plugged into a mains as it has it’s own on-board battery, so perfect when you don’t want to drape long hoses or wires across the floor. It has it’s own built in pump, controlled by a pressure switch toensure correct water flow at all times. The pump is activated by the trigger on the gun, squeeze and the pump switches ON release and the pump switches OFF.

The HydroFill combined with one of our range of WateringGuns is the safe, easy and time saving way to water batteries for smaller industrial battery fleets.



10 GALLON CAPACITY. Sturdy 30 litres MDPE tank with large filler cap allows for easy filling with deionised water.
INSTRUCTIONS. Printed clearly on front of cart.
FILL. Large opening to fill with tap water, bottled water or from our HydroPure deioniser unit.
COMPACT SIZE. Easy to transport. 2 wheel configuration handles like a hand truck, allows for easy manoeuvrability up stairs
and ramps.
BATTERY INCLUDED. Built-in 12 volt sealed rechargeable battery.
PLUG-IN CHARGER. Fully automatic battery charger plugs into a 230 VAC wall outlet and into the cart with a quick-connect plug (110 VAC available). Charger shuts off completely when battery reaches full charge.
COMPLETE. Shipped ready to use with charger; no assembly required.
COMPATIBLE. With all Philadelphia Scientific WateringGuns and HydroPure deioniser products.