Brand CAM Model SH225.100P.CD1
Capacity Code SH225.100P.CD1
Specification Side shifts CAM ISO/FEM 2 (SH225.100P.CD1) with sliding pads.

Side shifts CAM ISO/FEM 2 (SH225.100P.CD1) with sliding pads

Technical Details:

  • Model: SH225.100P.CD1
  • Capacity (kg/mm): 2500/500
  • Maximum pressure: 200 bar
  • Recommended oil flow: 8 l/min
  • ISO 2328: 2
  • A (mm): 1000
  • C (mm): 800
  • LL (mm): 63
  • HCG (mm): 32
  • VCG (mm): 226
  • Weight (kg): 53
  • Manufacturer: CAM (Italy)

What is a side shift?
Side shifts are one of the most commonly used lifting attachments today. This attachment allows you to shift a load from side to side for faster and more accurate lifting and placement.

Side shifts are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, paper handling, construction, food and beverage. This attachment is suitable for many types of machines. In addition to forklift side shifts, we also sell side shift attachments for telehandlers, skid steer and tractor loaders.

What are the benefits of a side shift?

By using a side shift you will:

  • reduce overal handling time.
  • reduce damage to pallets and products.
  • increase maneuverability through tight corners.

What options are available?
There are several options available to tailor your side shift to your exact application needs. Options include:

  • Capacity range: from 1000 kg to 12 000 kg (higher capacity on request)
  • FEM 1 – FEM 4
  • Different frame widths
  • Load backrest (on request)
  • Bronze bearings (optional)